W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Torrent Free 2023

W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Free Torrent Free Download

W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Torrent Free 2023

W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack Unleash Xfer Serum with What аbout: Phantom Serum Presets. This pack consists of 233 presets for Xfer Serum by W. A. Production. Are you ready to experience Serum? Forget what you know, and get ready to hear something inspiring. With the rise of EDM and dance music in commercial media these presets are modern and without repetition. What аbout: Phantom Serum Presets is inspired by top influential genres such as Melodic Dubstep, Trap, D&B, House, and Future Bass. We know that Serum offers an infinite number of combinations to create a desirable sound. This pre-built package allows you to experiment with the ideal unified code and an infinite number of options.

W. A. Production Keygen has matured quickly and now boasts a successful brand that offers instrument and effect plugins, DAW templates, informative articles, exclusive interviews with some of the hottest EDM artists, e-books, tutorials, as well as online video courses. It is becoming the first reputable for delivering high-end professional-sounding audio samples. You can compose the most intricate melodic songs when you’re in an exotic state of awareness. Dubstep, heavy future bass, festival anthems, and other genres are represented. AWESOME. To ensure that the blend is not mediocre, more code is included in the output.

W.A. Production Serial Key When you first sit down at a blank project sometimes you need a fresh hit of motivation and creativity. That’s why W.A. Production CHORDS Patch is here for you. Originally designed for EDM productions, but useful for a variety of genres, this clever workstation will conjure chords of all shapes and sizes with just a couple of clicks. Try out new ideas for your tracks within the intuitive interface and let this plugin take the strain, from suggesting single 4-note chords to producing entire 8-chord riffs.  The innovative software will generate looped variations of up to 8 chords with full control over chord shape, inversion, velocity, and more.

W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Torrent Free 2023

Key Features:

  • Simple Segments
    With up to 8 segments, each containing a different chord type, you can choose to trigger between one and four notes per chord. The playback of these segments syncs to the host BPM of your DAW, always remaining locked in time. You can add and subtract segments with ease and change a range of parameters, independently for each segment.
  • Essential Parameters
    Each segment can be programmed with inversions from -6 to +6, transforming chord shapes and placing the root note inside of the chord itself. Experiment by pushing the lowest notes up an octave, or highest notes down an octave, turning your chords inside out.
  • Just The Tonic
    With your chords loaded and a segment is chosen, use the 18 buttons in the center of the interface to choose Tonic, Subdominant, or Dominant chord shapes. From simple triads, right through to more complex shapes, let W.A. Production CHORDS Free Download find the right notes for any related chord. Fancy a G7sus4 or a Bm7b5? Just let this plugin find the correct notes and work out the difficult stuff for you.
  • Export MIDI
    To get the chord progressions into your own projects, simply drag and drop from the plugin to your DAW. Then you can edit to your heart’s content, chopping up the MIDI, transposing and twisting the W.A. Production CHORDS Keygen suggestions to suit your own style of music.
  • Powerful Presets
    W.A. Production CHORDS Patch includes a huge number of factory preset progressions, all labeled in detail. These are useful musical motifs to get you up and running quickly which can eventually become the basis for whole tracks.


  • Tempo Labeled Plus Key Labeled
  • Drum Loops: 39
  • 4 Ableton Templates & 4 FL Studio Templates
  • 100% Royalty-Free FL Studio 20 / Ableton Live a total of nine projects
  • 47 claps and snare drums
  • Fills & Buildups: 39
  • Arabic is an Arabic language.
  • 6 Sets of Building Materials
  • 61 FX Loops & Samples
  • There are 46 vocal stems in total.
  • Xfer Serum Presets (42), Sylenth1 Presets (43), and Spire Presets (13).
  • 57 Completely Organized Cymbals
  • Kicks: 23
  • Adlibs, Backing Vocals, and Main Vocals
  • Melody & Bass Loops (61 loops)
  • 24 Percussion Loops + 9 BONUS Vocal Cuts Loops with Lyrics (Arabic & English Alphabet)
  • There are 32 percussion dry and wet versions available.
  • Presets and MIDI are included.
  • Stems are available in both dry and wet forms.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
  • Processor: Multi core Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended

How to Install?

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  3. Install your program as instructed.

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